New Technologies

The existing infrastructure (electricity systems, telecommunications, transport infrastructure, etc.) has been serving users efficiently and reliably for centuries, but today it faces many new challenges posed by new requirements for safety and reliability, environmental issues, demographic changes, the development of new Consumer services and the extremely rapid development of new technologies. This brings new challenges primarily in the search for new solutions for the planning, management and development of infrastructure. D2S, with experience in various infrastructure areas, helps companies in the process of introducing new technologies and assessing business opportunities.

Specific services offered by our company include in particular:

  • Consultation on smart grids and energy storage
  • Consultation in the field of electromobility
  • Preparation of strategies in the field of robotization and automation of business processes


Development of RES Projects

Together with its partners, the company has developed expertise in technical and economics terms related to RES at the investment level. In particular, the company was active in SE Europe in the development of solar energy projects.

Specific services offered by our company include in particular:

  • Project due diligence
  • Preparing business plans
  • Financing assistance
  • Assessment of risks and financial structure
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical specifications and tendering documents


Development of Projects

The company is also active in other fields, such as environment, health and construction.