D2S is engaged in different long-term relationships through ownership, joint ventures or long-term business cooperation agreements.


GEBS (www.gebsgroup.com) is a specialist project development and energy solution company, providing expert advice and professional knowledge on renewable energy and clean tech management projects. The parent company is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia with subsidiary in Belgrade, Serbia. GEBS cooperate with partners all over the world, with majority of projects in SEE Europe.

GEBS bring together expertise in clean energy technologies, finance and business strategy. From concept to construction, they work with partners to develop renewable energy projects, while maximizing the return to our partners. GEBS assist with the tasks and decisions that are required to ensure the success of the projects.


Korona d.d. (www.korona.si) was founded in 1988. The company is engaged in the construction, renovation and modernization of devices and facilities in the energy sector and industry.

It automates processes and connects them with other business functions to comprehensive, supported information and control systems.


Prigo d.o.o. (www.prigo.si) is a family business whose first dates date back to the early 1970s. The mission of the company is to become a solid member in the field of transport and logistics and all the services necessary for freight, delivery and personal vehicles. The vision of the company is based on providing quality solutions, professionalism and continuous improvement of all business processes, with careful preservation of nature and the environment.

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